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Four frogs on the Sunning Board
A bullfrog looks from behind a water lily
See, it really WAS a Frog Farm! But if you will defend your rights, you've come to the right place!
March 11, 2003, we were attacked by unknown hackers and the website was destroyed.

Therefore this website, like this country, is under reconstruction. We had hoped to have it restored by April 1, 2003, but time, the lack of help on the farm, and the need for post-911 revisions have made it impossible to rebuild the site it took over a decade to build. However, I am trying to be responsive to the many users who want to see certain features restored first, so if there was a special feature you particularly miss, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The mailing list was wiped out as well and my new provider does not offer the feature.

This is Ricky, my pet rattlesnake. His advice is to disqualify EVERYONE!
He used to recommend using a Public Servant Questionaire to permit public servants to disqualify themselves early on in the game, right after they made their initial in-person inquiry. Unfortunately, he found that too many impersonators never took the oath making them into public servants, making the form null and void. This still didn't prevent them from disqualifying themselves, but using the form made for public servants signaled to them our own gullibility. It is pretty safe to assume that anyone attempting to violate your rights is probably not a public servant anyway. It cannot hurt to get certified copies of claimed oaths of office anyway.
Ricky the Rattlesnake Ricky the Rattlesnake
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